Vandal resistant solution to monitor your business remotely.
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Oco Smart Camera
Oco Smart Camera
Super simple security camera
Your solution for monitoring everything you care about.
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When it comes to high-level security for your small business, Oco has no competition. With state-of-the-art technology, quality design, and superior performance wherever you go, priceless protection for less price is now open for business.
Innovation In Sight
Motion Alerts

Lets all do the Oco-motion. Intelligent sensors analyze movements to separate the alerts you want, from those you don’t.


Oco works tirelessly around the clock to guard your business with night vision technology.

Voice Communication

Two-way-talk lets you interact with employees or be part of meetings from anywhere, so you can take trips without losing time.

Cloud Covered. No Monthly Fees Required
Downloadable apps allow you view video directly from your mobile, tablet, or desktop. Keep an eye over multiple businesses with one screen by setting up a wireless network of cameras in each location.