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Oco Smart Camera
Oco Smart Camera
Super simple security camera
Your solution for monitoring everything you care about.
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Mobile Home Away From Home
Ideal for people who rent and change apartments often, since it is easy to set up and can move with you. Downloadable mobile apps let you keep an eye on your vacation house or second home. Track who or what goes in and out. Give a tour right from your phone.
Innovation In Sight
Motion Alerts

Intelligent sensors analyze movements on the cloud to keep you in the know, wherever you go.


Night vision ensures you’re never in the dark, even when the lights are out.

Voice Communication

Two-way-voice lets you talk the talk at home, wherever you walk the walk.

Cloud Covered. No Monthly Fees Required
Your daily forecast predicts peace of mind with cloud service. Record, review, download, and share video 24/7, rain or shine. Receive customized mobile alerts when you have visitors. Keep track of your favorite stuff. Capture priceless family moments.