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Oco Smart Camera
Oco Smart Camera
Super simple security camera
Your solution for monitoring everything you care about.
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Simply plug Oco in, download the app, and scan the QR code.
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Safe & Sound
When it comes to high tech features, we've got every angle covered. So when it comes to your loved one's safety, you've got every base covered.
Innovation In Sight
Motion Alerts

Do the Oco-motion with your kids. Smart motion sensors analyze movements on the cloud to identify movement alerts you want and those you don’t.


Retain full sight while they sleep tight. Night vision lets you check-in while your kids are checked-out, for peace-of-mind at any hour.

Voice Communication

Two-way talk lets you be there without being there. Easily make safety check-ins or read your kids a bedtime story from another time zone.

Cloud Covered. No Monthly Fees Required
Record and share all the unique moments of your kid’s life, without touching a camera. Mobile and web apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android connect you to the cloud video recording, so you can relive every first step, word, and birthday whenever you want.