Make your pet a viral video super star.
Get Oco - Smart WiFi camera that is a great pet monitor.
Hi, I'm Oco!
Oco Smart Camera
Oco Smart Camera
Super simple security camera
Your solution for monitoring everything you care about.
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Setup In Less Than A Minute
Simply plug Oco in, download the app, and scan the QR code.
It’s so easy, your pet could do it (if they had hands).
Simplicity In Sight
Motion Alerts

Intelligent sensors analyze movements on the cloud to distinguish if it was your pet or false alert.


Nocturnal pets beware. Night vision lets you see what’s up when the lights are down.

Voice Communication

Two-way lets you interact with your pet so you can speak to them and they can speak to you.

Pet Detective
Invisible Pet Detective
Tired of hide-and-go-seek with your socks? Review and track archival footage from the past day, week, or month and catch the good, the bad, and the furry in action.
Cloud Covered. No Monthly Fees Required
Cure “pet withdrawal syndrome” and bring them along with you on mobile and web apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Keep videos in the cloud and share with office workers, friends and family.