Do you know what your

Do you know what your

We receive a lot of stories from our clients that fortunately had an Oco Camera when something happened at home. Usually they are common things: robberies, pets breaking the tv, kids painting the walls. But the following story actually shocked a few of us.

Home cleaning is a thing many of us dislike or don’t even have time to do t. So once we have an opportunity, we get house cleaners to help us. But do you trust yours? The following story from our client Lynn may make you think twice:

“I had just bought my new Oco camera when a new house cleaning crew was coming in to clean my house. I happened to be watching the camera at work that shows the living room because I was showing everyone at work how the video and camera worked. As we were watching, one of them picked up my bills out of my bill box hanging on the wall and went through them. That was all I needed, because who knows what else they went through in other rooms where there is no camera? I had the free storage plan that came with several days of storage (I can’t remember exactly how many), so I did save it on my drive in case I needed proof. If I hadn’t had this camera there is no telling what else they might have done. Needless to say, no more house cleaners. I also still kept the storage plan and plan to buy a 3rd camera to face my front yard. I think this camera has already paid for itself!”

As people say, “Trust, but verify.”